Flexible forms to power your intake and renewals

Drag-and-drop form builder:
Create new forms with ease using our intuitive interface.
Versatile field types:
Capture any type of data with configurable fields, including stakeholder assignments, company selection, multi-select options, and statuses.
Calculated fields:
Dynamically compute values based on user inputs to streamline data collection (e.g. contract term can be calculated from contract start and end dates).
Conditional logic:
Show, hide, or make fields required based on user responses.
Pre-built templates:
Save time by choosing from our collection of pre-designed form templates that give you best-in-industry workflows.
Email automation:
Automatically send renewal forms to designated stakeholders, along with reminders that ensure timely completion.

Deal Management

Understand progress:
See which deals have passed certain milestones, for example, the decision to renew/terminate/replace.
Manage form submissions:
Easily monitor stakeholder form submissions and identify any overdue items.
Custom views:
Group, filter and sort your deal data. Save and edit any existing views.
View templates:
Leverage our pre-built views designed to isolate common deal organization questions. For example, see deals by procurement team members, by quarter, or by urgency.

Deal Profile

Don't compromise on your schema:
Align your deal profile fields with your operational needs.
Custom fields:
Capture all relevant deal information with a wide range of field types. We place no limit on the number of custom fields.
Rich text formatting:
Unlock the power of your text fields. No need to move into another document to organize your notes.
Organize your internal discussions on a deal. Use threads, edit or delete comments, and use reactions to show agreement or acknowledgment.
Monitor negotiation progress:
See how a deal has progressed over rounds of negotiations. Stay informed on changes in contract value, terms and other concessions.
Track interconnected deals:
Renewals and evaluations are connected to the deal they originated from. You can manage these relationships from both the parent and child deals.

Out-of-the-box workflows

Proactive renewals

Stay on top of upcoming renewals, keep track of different conversations with alternative suppliers, and track your negotiations over time.

Early intake

With Airflip’s other sourcing features, stakeholders want to get into Airflip as soon as they’ve identified a business need. This means that your team will find out about net new deals as soon as the stakeholder starts their evaluation.

Supplier performance

Send out surveys to your stakeholders to ask them how their suppliers are performing and whether they’re getting the value they were looking for.

Take your procurement team to the next level