Add strategy into each step of your sourcing process

Airflip helps Procurement teams with spend analytics, category management, and workflow automation.

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Airflip lets you collaboratively manage all your deals in a platform purpose-built for Strategic Sourcing.

Spend Analytics

Quickly understand what's been spent.

Airflip generates an spend cube enriched by AI that accurately classifies your transactions. And we do this in days, not weeks.

  • What the supplier offers
  • What was purchased
  • Who purchased it

How it works

Category Management

Get market intelligence, generated for your company.

Airflip researches each category and supplier, and generates custom reports based on your company’s spend and deals:

  • RFP templates
  • Stakeholder discussion guides
  • Kraljic Matrix
  • SWOT analysis you can quickly get smart on a category and choose the best negotiation strategy

See an example of an Airflip Category Management Plan

Find Opportunities

See your top opportunities,
without the manual research

Airflip analyzes your supplier base and shows opportunities for:

  • Consolidation
  • Resource optimization
  • Cost savings

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Workflow Automation

Track everything that happens before a purchase decision is made.

Airflip keeps you organized and ensures you're making strategic moves as you process workflows for:

  • Intakes
  • Renewals
  • Negotiations
  • Supplier Performance

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“All the procurement tools we've used were focused on operations, and they did very little to help us actually make better decisions. Airflip provides spend analytics, category research, strategy recommendations, and even powers procurement workflows. It's the ideal Strategic Sourcing assistant.”

Michelle Vita
Head of Procurement

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