Category Management

Quickly understand a vendor category and browse alternatives

Extensive Coverage:
Our extensive database contains over 1,500 categories and 2,000 suppliers, most of which have been reviewed by a human expert on that category.
Find what you’re looking for:
You can search and explore by department, category, supplier, or product.
RFP templates:
Identify critical and nice-to-have technical features in a category.
Internal discussion guide:
Align with stakeholders and budget owners using our list of questions that will help you uncover your specific business requirements.
Vendor discussion guide:
Access a list of questions that you should ask in a vendor discussion to find the best solution for your company.
Use the notes and comments sections to keep track of key info in one centralized place that is to access the next renewal.

Business-school analysis on each of your categories

Kraljic matrix:
Get an auto-generated matrix that sorts suppliers based on their criticality and risk.
Porter's 5 forces:
Quickly understand a category's competitive landscape, including competition, new entrants, substitutes, buyer power, and supplier power.
SWOT analysis:
See the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of any supplier.
Risk assessments:
Review financials, supply chain disruption, reputational, security, and other risk factors for a supplier.

Find credible alternatives for your suppliers

Alternatives table:
Get a thorough list of companies that offer similar capabilities to those of your current vendor.
Category Relevance:
For your current vendor, see which capabilities are most relevant to your current deal.
Company Relevance:
See companies within a category sorted by their relevance and market presence. Companies that are already in your supplier base will be ranked at the top.

Cut through the noise with comprehensive research on vendors and their respective categories