We’re changing how companies make purchase decisions.

Procurement is a strategy, not a process. Over the past 10 years, technology advancements and automation have enabled Procurement teams to focus less on administrative routines and more on strategic projects that increase earnings for their company. Airflip provides information and tools for this next generation of Procurement.

Our mission

Through personal experience building out a procurement function, our founder realized the immense untapped potential of Strategic Procurement.

Operators today rely on sales and marketing material to make their purchasing decisions, with few options for objective information. Procurement teams work in a silo, deals often lobbed over at them at the 11th hour.

Airflip takes four pillars of successful purchase decision making—detailed research, seamless stakeholder communication, data-backed negotiations, and spend analytics—and weaves them into a flexible Source-to-Contract system. With Airflip, procurement teams can increase ROI at each step of the purchase lifecycle.

Our values

These are the core tenets that guide how we work together to deliver excellent products to our customers.

Customer obsessed
We fight for every customer and always find a path to yes.
Be world-class
We are obsessed with quality and sweat the details.
Always learning
We thrive on ambiguity and are energized by the challenge of trying something new.
Make things happen
We are willing to do whatever it takes to help the team achieve its goals. We get excited about experimenting on a new ideas, and love the feeling of putting them out into the world to see how they perform.
Be supportive
We believe that building product is a team sport. We want to see the people around us succeed.

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