We’re changing how companies make purchase decisions.

Over the past 20 years, internet technologies have let Procurement teams automate most of their administrative processes. These teams are now starting to focus on strategic sourcing.

Airflip provides information and tools for this next generation of Procurement.

Our mission

At Airflip, our mission is to enable businesses to unlock the full potential of strategic sourcing.

We believe that an optimized supplier base is a key driver of business value. As automation takes over more of the world, the vendors that provide this automation will start to be absolutely business critical. When confronted with a business problem, many companies today don’t make the optimal “build vs. buy” decisions, and often lose massive value as a result.

Our platform provides powerful tools for the traditional “Seven Step Sourcing” process.

  • Spend Analytics:
    Get clear visibility into your spending patterns and uncover opportunities for consolidation, optimization, and savings.
  • Category Management:
    Develop winning strategies for each spend category, aligned with your broader business goals. Never miss out on including the best vendors in an evaluation.
  • Workflow Automation:
    Effortlessly manage complex sourcing processes like renewals, intake, risk assessment and supplier performance.

Through relentless execution, a focus on customer success, and a deep understanding of the strategic sourcing space, we're raising the bar for what's possible - and empowering our clients to do the same.

Our values

These are the core tenets that guide how we work together to deliver excellent products to our customers.

Customer obsessed
You fight for every customer and always find a path to yes.
Pure excellence
You're obsessed with quality. You take full ownership of your work and pay close attention to every detail.
Always learning
You’re a quick learner who embraces cutting-edge technology. You’re energized by the challenge of trying new things.
Make things happen
You are willing to do whatever it takes to help your team achieve its goals. You get excited about experimenting on a new idea and putting it out into the world to see how it performs.
Be supportive
You believe that building products is a team sport. You want to see the people around you succeed.

The problem: Existing procurement tools are built for operations, not strategy.

Spend analytics tools overpromise — and take months to deliver any insights.

You still have to do tedious manual research to figure out which tools you can consolidate.

While helpful, category research from Gartner, G2 or Google won't identify the right vendors for your specific needs.

Intake orchestration tools focus on P2P or approvals and weren’t designed for strategic procurement.

Our founding story

Airflip was born out of founder Nisha Swarup's first-hand procurement experience. As employee #25 and the first product manager at a high-growth startup, Nisha suddenly found herself also responsible for spearheading procurement as the company scaled from 25 to 250 employees.

Over the next 2 years, Nisha took 17 major vendor contracts through the full strategic sourcing process. As the key decision maker, she led competitive RFP processes, conducted 50+ demos and reference calls, and negotiated pricing and terms. She also implemented procurement systems to manage the company's growing list of 150+ vendors across SaaS, professional services, operations, and more.

Through this intensive experience in the procurement trenches, she recognized the immense value that a high-performing supplier base can drive for a business. The right vendors helped the company innovate faster while significantly reducing costs and risks.

At the same time, the inefficiencies and pain points of the sourcing process became glaringly obvious:

  • Strategic tasks consumed huge amounts of time and energy - gathering detailed requirements from stakeholders across the company, scouring the market for qualified vendors, evaluating 5-10 options for each project.
  • Manual tasks like chasing down approvals, keeping track of auto-renewals, and wrangling key vendor data scattered across siloed spreadsheets and email threads took up 30%+ of her time.

Nisha knew there had to be a better way.

She envisioned a unified platform where business owners could collaborate with sourcing teams across the full procurement lifecycle, from gathering requirements, to efficiently running sourcing events, to negotiating the best terms.

A solution powered by AI that would automate the repetitive aspects of procurement, empowering teams to make smarter, faster decisions.

In January 2022, she founded Airflip to bring that vision to life.

Today, Airflip is the leading Strategic Sourcing platform, trusted by enterprise procurement teams to bring a rigorous strategic approach to every sourcing engagement. We enable companies to maximize the value of every dollar they spend.

The future of procurement is here – and it's Airflip.

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